how to catch a cheating spouse online

How to Catch a Cheating Spouse Online? Bust a Cheater and Deal with it Smartly & Gracefully

You know how they say, “you should be kind to people. You should forgive.” Well, you’re not. Usually, if people allow themselves to lie to you right in the eyes, the best way to play off is to put them where they belong. In the garbage.

And it won’t be a disgrace, for, believe us, forgiving is only making them worse. Coming out clean with every new lie only tells a cheater: “nothing can stop you. Atta boy, go do the same thing with a new partner.” So, let’s talk about “how to catch a cheater”?

Catching cheating spouses is similar to the “tough love effect“: you’re declaring that you’re not a pushover. You let them know that your insecurity is not that deep to become a glue of your marriage/union.

ways to catch cheating spouse

What happens next? Depending on your love history, how meaningful your relationship is for you, and the nature of the affair, you can force a person into an agreement: if it ever happens again, you’ll break up without any further discussion. 

And you know what is the greatest thing here? You become that stone that blocks their cheating road. You make them stop and think. At least for a while. 

In this article, we’ll go through the most effective ways to catch a cheater, and also discuss the most common situation so you can get an idea of how to react in different scenarios.

Dive in and, hey, stay calm. Because:

1) you don’t know yet whether your partner is really having an affair,

2) even if so, we give you 100% you’re not going through this occasionally: it all makes sense, and, in the long run, you’ll see why.

How to catch a cheater: Why hidden cameras or voice recorders are not an option

watching you

While you may already be imagining the triumph of getting bulletproof evidence against your adulterous spouse, we’re here to remind you that observing or overhearing events or sounds in the private apartment without consent from all the people filmed or listened to, — is against the law in 13 States. 

38 States allow recording video or audio given there is consent from at least one member of the conversation. It’s actually called a “one-party consent” statute.

So, there is no option here? But you’ve promised!

Of course, there are some holes through which you can squeeze. One of them is called…nanny cams.

If you have a nanny in your house, there is something you can mix up. Actually, setting nanny cams (those little discreet “teddy-bear” things) is also forbidden in some States. But, if you live in Texas, for instance, you can freely install and record your nanny (and your cheating partner occasionally with it).

If you’re recording your nanny, you’re obliged to do it in public areas, such as a kitchen or living room. Thus, you can legally install a hidden camera at your home with the purpose of recording your kid’s care provider.

In the UK you must inform your babysitter about surveillance. Similar to Canada, you can keep recording the nanny as long as it’s reasonable. In many cases keeping the footage longer will be forbidden. 

However, we genuinely discourage you from going for such measures. First of all, there are complications with audio recording. Secondly, those tiny wireless cameras transmit from the device to base, which means it’s not that hard for a third party to intercept videos. If someone does it, you’ll get into trouble for private information dissemination.

Why you should not use hidden cameras or voice recorders to catch a cheating spouse

So, setting cameras can be an option, but only in exceptional cases. We advise you to double-check your local regulations to make sure you’re not violating the law by recording someone without permission.

Spoiler: Frankly, going for hidden cameras is a bit outdated method. Today there are many less risky and more effective ways to bust a cheater. 

Private Investigation Services: is the juice worth the squeeze?

Ok, for those who like just giving money away for no particular person, hiring a private investigator may be a home run.

How effective is a private detective in catching a cheater

The cons of hiring a private investigator outweigh the pros significantly. Just take a look:

  • It takes time & effort to find a reputable P.I. If you don’t have an attorney who can suggest a real expert, the task becomes much harder (Googling is not an option)
  • A good specialist always comes at a price. As a result, you’ll get the same information had you got for it by yourself. 
  • Sometimes investigators take actions that may lead to legal consequences. So, again, if you don’t personally know the specialist you’re going to hire, or if you don’t have a reliable source to help you with hiring one, it’s better to avoid that road.

But, in some cases, a private investigator can become your real partner in this uneasy business. Given you’ve found a real expert, the whole process may turn out to be quite harmonious, with no unexpectedness coming in your way. Just remember: those guys are not really pleasant, in their tough business they got to be strong and maybe a bit weird. 

But if you want to catch a cheating spouse quickly — there is a less romantic  way, yet way more practical and reliable. Keep reading. 

How to catch a cheating spouse: create a fake profile and flirt like a pro

Here comes a cherry on a pie. It’s time to refresh some acting skills from childhood (or whatever).

That’s one of the most surefire, FREE ways to reveal whether your spouse is prone to get involved in a flirty conversation with other people.

Create a fake social media profile to spy on your partner

There is a long and short way. Choose whichever you consider more appropriate to you: 

  1. Create a new profile (choose social media where your partner spends most time);
  2. Don’t write anything to your partner. Yet. 
  3. Upload a picture of a REAL person. Your task is to make it impossible to tell your profile from the real one. This fake account is temporary, so you can use pictures of your friend, or search for some cute ones through the Web;
  4. Fill in basic information about yourself;
  5. Follow at least 300 people and wait for some people to follow you back;
  6. Wait until at least 150 people follow you back;
  7. When your account reaches 150+ followers, send the request to your spouse/partner;
  8. Like some of their photos;
  9. Start flirting as you would do with a person you like;

The second method is MUCH shorter. Just ask some other girl to do this. A real account is much better: your partner will rather react to the real account than to the one that’s just been created. 

How to catch a cheater: Keyword log

SpyBubble is always the first choice when it comes to uncovering a cheater’s online activity. It includes a low-cost subscription which is helpful if you’re short on a budget but need to sort things out right away.

SpyBubble gives access to every bit of data on the target phone: phone calls, keyloggers, SMS, photo gallery, messengers, social media accounts, GPS tracking. Just imagine that you suddenly find a button that lowers the curtains behind the cheater’s world.

Track their movements: How to catch a cheater online?

That’s what we were talking about: you don’t need to wear camouflage and climb the tree with binoculars handing down your knee, getting a cat out of your way. You don’t need to breathe dust below the bad, trying to hear something either. 

All those are in the past. With the pace of technological change, you can now get information twice faster and practically with no efforts. 

The best way to catch a cheater is to spy on their cell phone. It’s a pool of secrets that, given locked correctly, is able to provide you with a bunch of useful information to help you in your investigation. 

Here are something to focus on:

  • Call logs;
  • Phone book;
  • Messengers;
  • Social Platforms (Instagram, Facebook);
  • GPS location tracking;
  • Website history.

That’s the main places where cheaters usually get caught. You may also want to check on deleted photo files that will be available for you through the use of one of the phone spy apps.

Catch a cheater on IOS/iPhone – what you need to know

uMobix has become a real partner to many truth-seekers because of the ability to install the app quickly and seamlessly. The iPhone version is installed remotely (without physical access), which is greatly convenient.

Catch a cheater on iPhone

Here is something for you to consider:

  • If you can physically access the phone and a Touch ID activated, you can sneak into the phone and add your fingerprint to the saved prints. If they have several fingerprints, just delete one and add yours. Thus you can have access to their phone no matter how many times they change their password.
  • If you cannot access the target phone yourself, use uMobix to install the spy app on the target phone.  

Installing the app on their phone is not only the best way to catch someone in the act, but also to get surefire evidence by taking screenshots wherever needed.

As to Android, check out the FAQ section to learn more about how to install the app on one of the Android devices. 

Trashing out the details with our psychic

Now you know the main methods available today to catch a cheating spouse. You can always ask us about details or if you need help with mapping out a plan. 

If you want to know how to catch a cheater without being suspected, follow our news as we will be sharing our findings from practice.

In the meantime, our psychologist, Elizabeth Harrington is providing her pieces of advice for those who’re just landed on the truth-seeking path.


You know what they say, if a cheater cheats, they pay. And that’s why you need a simple, effective way to catch your cheating partner:

– What are some methods that cheating spouses use to hide their affairs?

If you want to catch a cheater red-handed, opt for bulletproof evidence: if you can get a screenshot of them flirting with someone back, or initiating flirty chats – that would be cool. 

Usually, even if a cheater hides his endeavors, you can tell something is wrong by their reactions to simple questions.

For example, if a husband is having an affair, he’ll probably be sticking with some lame excuses for his delays, like he’s out “at business,” or he “had to meet a  friend”, or he needs to go on “business trips.” In this case, a wife 

tasking for details of the latest “trip” has more chances to hit the trace: see how they react to mundane questions, like “so, you and Jack stayed in the two-bedroom suite, or…?” A liar will be nervous immediately. 

Another way is to pay attention to some unusual staff that may take place in your everyday life, like credit card bills that come out of blue, or phone calls from unknown numbers. Suspicious text messages, especially those involving cryptography or secret codes are also the basement for a serious talk.

– Is there a free app to catch a cheating spouse?

No, and here is why. 

Monitoring other people’s phones is not a walk in the park. It requires a whole team of specialists of the highest range to make it happen. The most popular spying apps come at a really low price, though. 

– Women get emotional when cheating. Is it true or false?

All human beings experience a sort of unease when they cover something up. Even if a person is neck-deep in a long-run lie, inside, he knows he’s doing something bad. That’s why you can catch a cheater by forcing them into a discussion with some provoking questions. 

– She’s Cheating Because She’s Left Unsatisfied: Is that true?

Very rarely, the reasons women cheat are sexually motivated. Women cheat mostly because they lack emotional attachment. For women, sex is not just mechanical; most need to fall in love with a person prior to sex.

– Is it true that women cheat for emotional reasons?

Yes, most women cheat for emotional reasons. Usually, it’s about feelings being neglected. If a woman doesn’t receive the attention she needs or feels the emotional connection is faded, she will seek for a solution somewhere else. Especially when she initiated a conversation with you, but didn’t receive appropriate feedback.

– How do you move on from a cheating spouse?

For those who’ve just been betrayed, the world is colored black. It’s useless trying to convince a betrayed person that it’s for the better. So is pointing out the “big-picture” use. If you’re in such a situation, the best thing for you to do right now is to … leave. Change the scenery. And also:

  • Do not search meetings with your partner. Chances are, you’ll soon miss him or her. That’s why it’s better to leave your city for a while.
  • Cut all connections with mutual friends.
  • If you feel it’s hard to get over your partner by yourself, hire a good psychologist. Believe me, your emotional state will brighten up even if someone hears you out. 
  • Spend some time with your family. Friends are good, but they cannot provide you with a needed level of support & love. The family is a family.

– Do you really love someone if you cheat on them?

No. Cheating on someone, especially for a long time, means not only the absence of love, but also a lack of respect. If you love someone, you won’t lie. Even if you occasionally sleep with someone, for instance, while being drunk, you’ll come to the person and confide. Love is respect, don’t forget about that. And cheating is all about lying. Would you lie to a person who you respect?

– How do you trust again after cheating?

Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to forgive a person after being cheated on and move on. Gaining trust is very hard; losing it is very easy. From my practice, only 1 relationship out of 10 can be refixed after such a crack. 

– How do I catch my partner cheating without their phone? Is it possible?

Most affairs start online. Cheaters use means of communication for arranging meetings and hiding trails. Thus, if you want to know if your partner is really cheating or not, the best way is to sneak into their phones. 

– How can I try to catch a cheating spouse with an Android phone that is always locked?

You can use one of the spy apps. They allow you to get access to the cheater’s cell phone instantly without them knowing.


Elizabeth Harrington is a senior writer for the askdougandchris. She worked as a staff writer for a local news websites. Her Twitter handle is @LizWFB.


  1. Amanda Reply

    My fiance is mainly cheating through social media but I think he has an app that is hiding them- it -all I don’t know!! I used to be able to hack in Ha not this time around but I do have his gmail Google (shh he doesn’t know he thinks he knows oh and messenger but nothing) PLEASE HELP ME!!

    1. chris.young Reply

      Dear Amanda, yes, they can indeed use hidden cheating apps to cover traces, but you cannot be 100% sure until you find out. Depending on the device your boyfriend owns (iPhone or Android), you can either:
      Install a spy app (let’s say one of the most popular – uMobix) on his phone while he’s not around (if he has Android). Watch this video to learn quickly how to do this.
      Register at and provide his iCloud ID and password. Watch this instruction to learn how to complete the process quickly.
      You can choose other apps that might be more suitable. There are many cheating spouse trackers like spybubblepro, spyzzz, etc.
      If you wonder how to catch a cheater without special software, read our other articles, there are plenty of ways how to bust a cheater quickly and without hussle. Please, don’t worry and use you cold mind to deal with the whole process smartly & gracefully.
      All the best.

  2. Denise Adamson Reply

    People cheat due to la ack of self-respect and lack of being content with their spouse. One of the things I stressed was that there are two ways to deal with a cheater:

    1. you can kick them out (cause they are a cheater), or
    2. you can deny they cheated (cause they aren’t).

    Take your choice.

  3. Anna Saunders Reply

    I was able to catch my ex-husband having affair with the help of Cocospy app, I found too many things that broke my heart and its going to be very hard for me to trust again like I used to.

  4. Logan Taylor Reply

    If it weren’t for this opportunity, I would still be married to an unfaithful wife. And would be walking around in fools.

  5. Edwin Gilmore Reply

    Cheaters are hypocrites! Make them feel guilty. You should also think about how to make it worse for them. If they don’t want you to talk about the affair or think you’re overdramatizing the situation, you can tell them that their behavior is not surprising and that you hold all the cards.
    You just might be surprised at the effect of these words!

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